So we switched brands of dog food. We only got this one because the store we buy their food at said that they were out of stock. This one you add water to and it makes a thick gravy. For some reason, the hubby didn't buy cat food...just 2 bags of dog food. The cat eats it no problem but the two smaller dogs are having difficulty adjusting to it. The female will eat it...when she gets hungry enough. But the male dog just doesn't seem interested in it at all. I know his appetite is good cause he will eat other things, like table scraps and stuff. I keep telling every here to stop feeding them table scraps but they don't listen. What should I do until we are able to buy another brand of dog food? Cause we bought enough dog food to last the month and we have no money to buy more.
You should probably switch back if you can, the dogs simply don't like the change. You could try adding some treats to the food or maybe something like unsweetened applesauce on top to entice them to eat it, that's what I did for my puppy.
Thanks. i'll try this. I tried adding some bologna to it but all the male dog did was eat the bologna out of it and ignore the rest of it. The female is eating it every once in a while, enough to not be losing weight. But the male dog is losing weight because he won't eat the food.
Well, I tried the applesauce and it didn't work. Not only will he not eat the food but he will RUN from me if I have a bowl or plate of the food in my hand.