The world of humans is divided into two types of people, those who love the taste of the liver and those who hate it. In the world of dogs there is only one group: those who love him.

And just as your mom did not leave you alone when you were little you had to eat a piece of liver because it was very good for your health, the benefits of liver for dogs are many.

The liver is an excellent source of nutrients that your dog needs like:

  • Protein that helps in the creation and repair of muscle tissue and skin cells.
  • Vitamin A which is important for vision and is vital for the growth of puppies.
  • B-complex vitamins that strengthen the immune system, reduce allergies and can even help with anxiety.
  • Zinc for skin health.
  • Iron and copper are a vital part of the production of red blood cells.
  • Omega 3 and 6 , hence the famous capsules that you remember of the liver oil of some fish. These fatty acids help with allergies and keep the joints healthy and without inflammation.

The excess liver may not be very good for your dog. This organ is so rich in vitamin A that if dogs eat a lot can give them an overdose of vitamin A or hypervitaminosis that can cause health problems such as bone problems, digestive problems, muscle weakness and weight loss. It is important to mention that for this to happen, your dog would have to eat HUGE amounts of liver every day.

To find the perfect balance and not have to worry about if you are giving much or little liver to your dog, you can buy natural prizes made of 100% dehydrated liver and give them to your dog from time to time when he does something right or when you want to pamper it.

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