Well i have bought a wild cought uromastyx hardwicki which is locally found here (Pakistan) after downloading several caresheets from several websites i made a good diet plan for it
And i introduced several vegetables and plants such as
1 finely shredded carrots
2 corn (boiled)
3 dandelion leaves
4 mustard greens
5 turnip greens
6 green peasetc etc
but my uro didn`t tried to eat any thing except its substrate (which is bird seeds) and now its 2 weeks since my uro is only eatin bird seeds .
i am not sure about what to do ...didn`t tried anything such as force feed ..
i am serving fresh plants everyday but after every two days i have to take them out as it is not even tried by uro..
according to the salesman of the petstore the uro is around 2 years old
I have a Uro thats gone picky at the moment. Its winter over here so i'm wondering if thats whats up with mine.
I agree with the other guy, lose the bird seed. Although Uros like and will readily eat bird seed, it acts as a bad substrate. And try Romain lettuce and other leafy greens.
they need there greens , but they also need the seeds too it aids in digesting there food.