We have a stray cat coming over every week, we think she's female and she's very wild, she won't allow anyone closer than several yards. When we leave food for her she'll wait until we go away and only then she'll inspect what we've left. One of her paws and her tail seem injured, she limps and keeps the tail hanging down as if she has no control over it. We want to help her but there is obviously no way we can approach and take her to a vet. I'm certain she'll get stressed and we'll get scratched. Any ideas?
Local cat charities in my area help in situations like this. They can often provide you with humane traps (a door just shuts behind them after they've been tempted in with food) or will come out and trap the cat themselves. I'm a vet so I can tell you for sure you won't find any vets that will provide you with any form of sedatives to allow the cat to be captured more easily (it's not ethical for us to prescribe medications for an animals we cannot be sure of the health of, it is also dangerous for the cat) so that might be your only option.
I agree with the above, good advice.
I will see if I can find cat charities. Thanks for the tip. Since you're a vet, do you think the problem with her tail is something serious? I hope it is not but a hanging tail certainly doesn't look good.
Good luck finding someone. I hope you'll manage to help the cat.
Our local shelter has a group that captures cats (with a lot of patience) and brings them in to be fixed and treated a lot of shelters do this in order to control the population of stray cats. maybe ask at your local shelter if they have such a thing or if they can give you any tips as for how you could do this.