I returned from a trip and my 11yr old Pit looked malnourished and lethargic. We attributed it to him missing me. He wasn't feeling better even though I was home. I decided to take a second look at his stool and found an infestation of worms. Today is his third day on a dewormer and he is still tired, but is still eating and drinking lots of water. Thing is before I found the worms he was eating and drinking lots of water and taking walks. When will he show improvement and what do I need to watch him for? This morning his stool still had quite a few in it. Could the worms be impacting him because there are so many? If so do I need to go to the vet, or give him a doggy laxative. He went for his walk today and ate his breakfast. He has slept the rest of the morning. Or, am I just being impatient it only being the third dose and all?

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