I returned from a trip and my 11yr old Pit looked malnourished and lethargic. We attributed it to him missing me. He wasn't feeling better even though I was home. I decided to take a second look at his stool and found an infestation of worms. Today is his third day on a dewormer and he is still tired, but is still eating and drinking lots of water. Thing is before I found the worms he was eating and drinking lots of water and taking walks. When will he show improvement and what do I need to watch him for? This morning his stool still had quite a few in it. Could the worms be impacting him because there are so many? If so do I need to go to the vet, or give him a doggy laxative. He went for his walk today and ate his breakfast. He has slept the rest of the morning. Or, am I just being impatient it only being the third dose and all?


When you're deworming puppies, what to expect is pretty standard from puppy to puppy. A dewormer medication is given, which works by killing the adult parasites living in your pet's intestines. If your puppy still has worms after deworming, Canine Weekly says it may be necessary to give deworming medication more than once before every adult parasite is dead; you target the adults so eventually there is no more egg-laying.

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