Bella is a 14 month old italian greyhound. she is pretty nervous with other dogs ad humans. I was wondering if getting another small dog for her to pal around with would help with her anxiety? Would it make it worse? Thanks in advance for the insights.
I'm not sure I understand what you want to do. Your dog is afraid of other dogs, but you're about to "force" her to be with another canine all the time all of a sudden? I don't think it's a very good idea. Bella needs socialization. In fact, socialization process should have been started when she was about 10 weeks old; so now it may be difficult but it's still possible if you are patient, loving and persistent.
Do you have friends that have puppies? Invite them to visit you and let Bella interact with the pup. Don't force her to come to him though, let the dogs do everything on their own terms. Do not leave the room, while your friend had better do that (since Bella can be nervous about presence of another human she doesn't know well). You can also begin with a different approach: invite your friend without the pup at first and let Bella get used to him/her; invite the pup only when Bella feels totally fine about your friend.

Here are 2 threads that can be useful for you too, they're about what to do when a dog's afraid of 1) dogs and 2) humans:

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Remember the main rule of good socialization: it must be force free and based on the dog's own wish (whether to do something or not).

Good luck!
I'm no doctor or vet - but we just got a new puppy, our other dog is 12yrs old and quite peaceful (tired). So far it hasn't gone well, I think this stuff needs to be done slowly!!!

I do believe, however, if done right - it is of enormous joy to the older dog.