Hi everyone!

Xmas is not so far away, and some of you may have decorated the Xmas tree already. Emotion: smile How do your pets usually behave during this time? Are they excited too in a way? How do they react to the Xmas tree and all the other Xmas decorations / stuff?

Barsik would never miss the Xmas tree, he'd always try sniff it, chew it, play with it or whatever thing he can come up with. He also loves sitting under it watching us all with a naughty look (yeah as if we didn't know he was there! ) In fact, we even had to stop decorating the bottom part of the tree (or use unbreakable Xmas balls there) because he'd always try to arrange the toys & balls in a better way or to get rid of them, lol. Fortunately, he's never managed to!

When the holiday is over and the tree is taken away, he always has a sad look that clearly shows he'll miss this bit of fun...
Mine all think that the Christmas tree is the absolute best playground EVER! They climb up the outside, they climb up the inside, they knock down the ornaments, and then finally manage to knock down the tree. They make an awful mess! Emotion: giggle

So now any decorating I do for the holidays is hanging from my ceiling, or not at all. Gotta love cats!!! Emotion: love
JustaBratGotta love cats!!!
So I seem lucky that Barsik doesn't ever try to climb it!! Emotion: smile Maybe because he's a senior now... but I actually don't remember him trying even when he was yonger.
RuslanaMaybe because he's a senior now
My cats, Brat and Sherman, are both seniors but that doesn't stop them from climbing the tree to see what mischief they can get up to. It only stops them from doing it as quickly as they used to! Emotion: giggle
Looks like they are more lively than mine then! Emotion: giggle