Can someone please tell us why our yorkie doesn't mind pooping where she sleeps (crate), and getting rid of the evidence by eating it all up? Really? This behavior is driving us crazy, and yes it also happens after I take her outside and she successfully relieves herself!!!!!!
Dogs can eat poop for plenty of reasons, please read this thread: Dog eating poop.
The other question is why she's doing it in her crate. Dogs won't usually urinate or poop where they sleep.
How big is the crate? Too large crates leave enough space for the dog to sleep in one spot and do their business in another spot, so make sure the crate isn't too spacious for a small Yorkie.
How often do you take her out of the crate? Perhaps you should try doing it more often so she's not forced to poop just because she isn't taken out in time and has no other choice but to poop inside.
Thanks for the reply! Well to begin, her crate has the divider with just enough space for her to sleep, but she manages to push her bed up and poop under her bed. This is especially frustrating because she won't even bark or give us any warning , she just relieves herself and then eats it! Just last night she was taken out to relieve herself about 11:00 pm and about 3:00 am she pooped in her crate, no bark, no cry, no warning.
How old is she? Puppies cannot hold their bladder and bowels for more than about 3-4 hours. If it constantly happens at about 3 am you may want to set your alarm to wake up at about that time to take her out. She may have given you "silent" signs like waking up, becoming anxious, very quiet whining, and/or sniffing the floor but no one noticed them. It's rare that dogs give no sign whatsoever. They really don't normally enjoy defecating where they sleep. Make sure you clean the crate well to remove the smell so she's not encouraged to do her business there again.

As to eating the poop, that's a different problem that has to do with her nutrition overall. Please see the link I posted in my previous message.

Does she pee in her crate too?
Silent signs make sense . She will be 6 months in December and I truly want to believe she will be a good adult Yorkie! Oh and yes she will also pee in her crate, but for the most part I believe it's part of not being able to hold it while we're at work.
Anonymous I truly want to believe she will be a good adult Yorkie!
She will as long as you make some effort to satisfy her needs and to train her. Emotion: dog