Where does your cat prefer to sleep? Today I realized Miky will choose my lap whenever it's available. Emotion: giggle
Oh, yes! My lap is their all time favourite spot to sleep too! Emotion: big smile
Not on my lap but always somewhere close to me: behind me on the couch, next to my keyboard etc Emotion: smile
My mom's lap and... chest. Emotion: thinking In fact my mom often says Barsik would end up sleeping on her neck and head if only he was allowed to, lol.
Their towers or my bed!
Mine sleeps right next to my head on my pillow at night! During the day he's either in a patch of sunlight or in my lap Emotion: smile
Either my lap or the couch (when my lap isn't available).
My Missy sure loves sleeping on my part of the couch, and every night sleeps on a cat rug on the foot of my bed.
She likes sleeping inside the house every nightEmotion: big smile