Hi guys,

What is your cat's favourite spot in the house?

Barsik's favourite place has always been "his" (it used to be ours, lol) armchair. Since recently, however, he began to love the chair next to the computer desk. If someone occupies the chair sitting at the PC, Barsik will always try to take his place there, too. He'll end up sitting either on your lap or behind your back (between your back and the chair back). I think he's plotting to take over the computer...
Leave it to Barsik! Emotion: giggle

My cat's favourite spot is on my lap. It's quite the mess when all four want my lap at the same time! LOL

If they can't figure out a way to share me, then Bailey will go to her hammock, Goldie goes to a chair, Brat climbs up around the back of my neck, and Charlie gets my lap.
Oh I think I forgot to mention that my mom's lap is Barsik's fave spot too lol. He loves cuddling with her, always exposing his tummy for a rub.

Why is it always Charlie that gets your lap in those difficult situations?? Emotion: giggle
He gets my lap because he's the biggest and most powerful cat. The rest all know their place. Emotion: wink
Oh. That explains it, hehe.
Gonzo's favorite place is on my pillow in my bed!
Nice, too cute sometimes its looks good when such cute pets play with you.

my old cat's favourite spot was the space between my pillow and the edge of the bed but he passed away and my new kittens favourite spot is currently on my lap