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Lola: Wynona Rider

the SO just pointed out that J Lo might be a better Lola.

Oppie: Song - Baby Elephant Walk; Actor John Goodman (although Oppie's not REALLY fat, just a bit)
Dylan: Song - I'm Too Sexy; Actress Sigourney Weaver (beautiful, tough, elegant)
Gordo: Song - Mana Mana; Actor Woody Allen (shy and neurotic)

Chile: Song - Hey Mr. Sandman; Actress Susan Sarandon (cute and feisty)

Weird Al Yankovich's "Eat it" also fits Chile and Oppie...


"Like the reason a dog
Has so many friends
He wags his tail
Instead of his tongue" - Aerosmith
To reply, unleash the dog
The butt, right? ;-)
Lola: Wynona Rider Manu: Bernie Mac

Madigan: Reese Witherspoon
MacKenzie: Nancy McKeon
Murphy: Jean Stapleton
Canine Action Dog Trainer
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