Have you ever taken your dog to a professional dog trainer or behaviorist? Was it a helpful experience?

I just got a message from my trainer that there is a class tonight! I can't wait for it! I hope it's going to be regular because I've been looking for it for a year and there's no one else around who does this stuff. Sherlok doesn't have serious behavior problems to my luck but it never hurts to learn more!

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It's always going to depend on the specific person. There are so many different styles of training, so you need to find one that fits YOUR style that you want to work with. Also, it depends on their personality, knowledge and experience. The store I work for currently has 2 trainers, neither of which I would have a problem taking a dog to. However, we've had those in the past that I would never work with. Our training is all positive reinforcement and one of them was more of a fan of negative, just worked with us because it was what was available. Two of the others didn't have enough knowledge or experience and kind of just tried to make things up as they went. We have a specific program set up, which I like, that none of those three followed correctly. The current two follow the program appropriately and if they don't know something, they find out instead of making something up. The older of the two has 30 years experience and is very knowledgeable. The other hasn't been doing it very long, but is very passionate and is gaining knowledge every day. She works with the other one to figure out the things she doesn't know. If I had a dog that I was wanting to take to a class right now, I honestly couldn't choose between the two which I'd rather take the class with!
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Whether the dog needs to work on training or not, it's always a good idea to go to a class. Especially if you've gotten a rescue dog, it's a great way to bond with them! Something that you're doing outside of the house, something they get too do every week (or whatever time frame they work with), and specifically something they get to do with you!