What is it? Do you have any?
I myself like Miane Coon because of his fabulous fur. But, on the other hand, I find all cats just adorable. [Luv]Emotion: nodding
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The Bengal is very attractive because of its dark spots. I also feel drawn to the Norwegian Forest cat. [fl]
I have two, one being Maine Coon and the other Ragdoll. I just love big cats and they both fall into that category.
Ragdolls are also known to have a great character with high intelligence, and apparently show even higher affection than Maine Coon cats (which is hard to believe because my two Main Coons are stuck to me like glue) Emotion: smile
My favorite cat breed is Siamese because they tend to be very vocal!
Norwegian Forest Cat is awesome!!

I love British Shorthais becuase they're easy going and sweet tempered. Their rounded faces literally melt my heart!! In fact this is the only cat breed I've had, I'm really fond of them.
eugh why must you ask such difficult questions? i quite like birmans and ragdolls but i dont think its possible for me to pick a favorite much much to hard!
Sorry for such a difficult question, Kimmeh. Emotion: it wasnt me It's beyond doubt that all cats are great and fabulous but I just wonder if there are some breeds you admire most, hehe.
By the way, I've been really into black cats lately! I think I have a new passion. Emotion: giggle
My favourite cat is a furry one! Emotion: love That way I don't have to try and pick a favourite breed. LOL
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