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Last night lazlo waited until my boyfriend had just finished stacking up his DVDs....then once he turned away from it, Lazlo ran up to the stack, took a swipe at it and knocked them all down! Then ran away... naughty man!!!!
Many cats believe that if they look at the fridge long enough the humans will open it. Mine isn't an exception. (:
Ha! Mine does the same!! Just stares at it forever...I should also mention that Loki has something of an ice cube addition so that's probably part of it. Crazy Siberians!
My kitten named Sonic is very mischievious Emotion: devil! He likes to chase peoples legs & ankles alot & bite & scratch them. He also never wants to cuddle with me. He only wants to when he feels like it, which is almost never. I got him at 4 weeks old & he is now 12 weeks. I think he was seperated from his mommy too earlyEmotion: broken heart, because sometimes in the evening or night he likes to lay in bed with me & suck on his tail vigourously & he purrs & protracts his claws while doing it. I guess that's just his way of calming himself down & the blanket reminds him of his mommy. I love my kitten to death, but I must say he does get out of hand sometimes! I have a bird & he likes to sometimes climb on top of the dresser and stare at the bird, but here lately he's been aggresively bullying the bird by knocking his cage down & trying to claw the bird Emotion: headbang. I'm not sure how to disipline him on most things, because he's so cute & I feel bad yelling at him or hitting him. Everytime I do it, I always pick him back up & kiss him & pet him Emotion: love. That's typical for a pet owner that really lovesvand adores their pet though. Emotion: smile Eventhough Sonic is very mischievious I can honestly say he is the most cutest, playful, happy, affectionate cat i've ever seenEmotion: cat. He's also very spoiled! I buy him canned cat food instead of hard food. He seems to fall in love everytime I open the can. I also buy him alot of toys & accesories. He has a few diffrent collars and things. He's a great companion & I love him to death. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I just wish he would cuddle with me more & be more affectionate besides when he wants food lol.Emotion: pizza
Really helpful and also funny thanks for giving us Help