Hi everyone!

Is there anything mischievous that your pet likes to do? I thought it'd be nice to have a thread where we could share stories likes this. So, what is your pet into?

My Barsik loves to meow a lot when we all gather in the kitchen to have dinner or a cup of tea. It looks like he doesn't like being left alone in the room and demands company lol.

Also, his typical invite for a play is scratching the couch fiercely. To be honest, I think we'll have to get a new couch soon. For now it's covered with a blanket so that he doesn't destroy it completely.

When he's just been in the toilet, he'll run around the house madly and happily, especially when we've not managed to catch him in time to rinse his paws in the bathtub. Emotion: big smile He thinks it's a cool chasing game with jumping on furniture etc.

Oh and yea, he often takes meat pieces out of the bowl with his paw. If it's stuck on his claw, he'll shake it to get the piece off the paw, and usually the piece ends up being left in the middle of the kitchen, lol. Seriously, I don't know what makes him take it with his paw! Maybe the natural way of eating is too boring huh?

I'll add more when I remember more. Emotion: smile
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My cat jumps on my desk and deliberately knocks things off..! As if she was clumsy.
My cats Geoffrey and Spooky love to run out into the hallway of our apartment building and then go explore the various doors to different apartments. If anyone opens their door or comes up in the elevator, both cats run for home as quickly as possible, but they really love sneaking out into the hallway, knowing that I'll come after them! And I love them!!!
When they think I don't see them, my budgies try to eat home plants. They're also great masters of climbing the curtains and strings. Emotion: smile
My hamster once destroyed my grandma's jacket... she was so angry but I love my hammy to bits.
When we're out, we kinda have to keep our cats Molly and Jane enclosed because otherwise they'll run total riot from ripping open packets of food and shredding tea bags to pieces to smashing a mirror! To be honest I don't even know what to do with them. Any ideas? They're still kittens (8 and 10 months old) so I hope they'll calm down at least a bit soon.
My Beagle runs after his tail. Does it count?
my cat knocks his water glass over on purpose..but we have to leave it out for him or he wont drink water (he refuses to drink out of a bowl!)
Sammy Lyn (he refuses to drink out of a bowl!)
Oh. This reminded me of another mischievous thing Barsik does - he occasionally drinks water from the toilet. Emotion: rolleyes
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