Does your cat recognize itself in the mirror? And how does it react at moving objects on TV or PC screens? Does it realize they are unreal?

Well, as to my on cat, he doesn't actually react at TV/PC screen objects. It seems he either knows they are not alive, or they just look too miserable for him to pay atention to, hehe. What's more interesting: I've noticed many times that he sometimes watches us through the mirror! Which means he looks into it, and it is plainly clear from his eyes that he's aware it's just a reflection, and that we are in that reflection, and thus he keeps an eye on us.  It seems that dolphins are not the only ones recognizing themselves in the mirror! Barsik has never "played" with his mirror reflection; he has never considered it to be another cat. 

I think that cats, alike humans, have different "smartness" so some cats will always react at those objects whereas some cats will never do that. However, they can also learn... for example, when my beloved cat Toddy was a kitten, he loved to stand at the mirror with back arched and fur bristled, pretending to attack the reflection (or maybe he was admiring himself? Emotion: big smile ). But little by little he lost any interest in that. Don't know what the reason was, but perhaps he realized it was not a real cat.
Everything new attracts cats (as well as dogs) so I wouldn't consider it extraordinary when pets react to those objects. Dogs react to that too sometimes. I think it's normal. But sooner or later they lose any interest because reflections have no scent and no other signs natural for real animals.
My cat didn't react to those from the very childhood. Was he a normal kitten?? Emotion: big smile
Maybe he was a lazy kitten? Emotion: stick out tongue
RaphaelMaybe he was a lazy kitten?

Very funny. Emotion: stick out tongue

I cannot say he was lazy. Just a usual kitten. Sometimes playful, sometimes not.
My cat never reacts to those. The only trouble she can be concerned about is too loud TV volume.
This reminded me of my friend's cat. He used to follow every movement on TV with his head, hehe - It was funny. Emotion: stick out tongue