Mute Cat?

Can cats be mute? I've never heard a single meow or purr from my Jake. Has anyone encountered anything like this? His hearing is OK, and he recognizes his name. But he doesn't...

Marking? Or Medical Issue?

4 month old GSD, Male, has been completely house trained for a full month. As a younger pup he would sometimes pee while he walked, as if he didn't know it was happening. I assumed...

Deworming Puppies?

Is it recommended to give puppies worming medication before or after they eat?

Hi... I Gave My Puppy?

Hi... I gave my puppy some worm medicine and now he's laying around and has puked more than 2 times and also its clear foam What should I do?

My Cat Closes Her Eye?

My cat closes her eye there is nothing there . What can I do she seems fine no sneezing . She will open it a little .

Scratching The Litter Box?

So when we got my cat his first closed litter box and we would always hear this digging sound coming from it! we were sure he was just covering after himself but turned out he...

Do Cats Get Ticks?

I just saw on another website someone advertising tick control pesticide for cats. How is this possible. I thought ticks are only for cattle.

Iodine Requirements In Dogs?

How much iodine dogs need? What are iodine requirements in dogs? I want to make sure that my dogs gets all the necessary iodine he needs.

How Often Do I Bathe?

how often do i bathe my 6 week old puppy

Small Dog Has Body Odor?

how do i control the odor? Know dogs have body odor but my dog is very little and has a real bad body odor.I bathe her once a week.

Feral Cat?

We have a feral cat that we feed and water. Yesterday and today her tongue is hanging out and drooling. We can't get close to her because she is feral and she looks like she always...

My Cat And His Eyes?

My cat is around 2 years old and whenever something gets close to him, he squints then runs away as if he is scared of it. It doesn't matter what it is. He will continue to do...

Love Birds Fighting Each Other?

I have 2 love birds in that 1 male & 1 female bird they are fighting each other every day..How can I stop them???

Stop Dogs From Jumping On Table/Counter...

My two dogs jump on the counter and tables to look outside when we are gone. They don't counter surf for food and all of the training I've seen is food related. I'm debating...

Why Do They Call Chantilly?

why do they call Chantilly cat health issues for catagory

Washing A Teddy Bear Puppy?

What is the proper bath wash/ shampoo to wash my teddy bear puppy? Just got her yesterday. She is 2 months. Also, how frequently should she be eating? & what can I use to wash...

How To Get Rid Of Cat Worms?

How do I get rid of the worms my cat has???

Chausie Or Chaussie?

Where can i find a cattery for buying a chausie kitten.

Spider Doesn't Eat?

A week ago I got a spider - Aphonopelma Seemanni. He's about 4-5 months age, I'm trying to give him Zophobas morio but he refuses to eat it. What's wrong? Are they too big for...

My Corn Snake Not Eating Anything In 3...

My Corn Snake not eating anything in 3 weeks