Written by a cat this ancient text of unknown origin details the traditional feline methodology of bag-wrangling a human into respecting you. The text begins:
"..It is clear to us now that bags can be totally fun. But they are also suited for other purposes such as disguise and gaining respect. Here are simple tips on using bags to your advantage.."
If humans have been pestering you, hide in a bag and wait quietly.

Author: Olivier Bruchez

You may need to wait a while, so get comfortable.

Author: Frankieleon

Make sure you've chosen an appropriate bag that suits your size and shape.

Author: Missive Maven

Be sure to avoid leaving any tell 'tail' signs sticking out.

Author: Tabbymom Jen

Playing with the bag is acceptable.

Author: designslave

You may also groom.

Author: Mr_7

Begin to watch for feet.

Author: James and Esther

You'll know when you've found feet.

Author: c.cobb

Try not to look surprised if they notice you.

Author: ancient history

You may also have your photo taken.

Author: Elke & Sven

You will have struck fear into the hearts of your humans. They will respect you.

Author: Jeremy's

If all else fails, play cute.

Author: Kuba

Avoid falling asleep, you may miss the action.

Author: GNIKRJ

And you shall have respect!
An Unknown Cat

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