Cats are cute. Cats in boxes are even cuter. Cats are aware of this fact, and they make the most of it. Here are some notes from an unknown cat on 'cute sleeping in boxes' to make the owner "awwh". Pictures included.

Start with something simple.
Author: BooBoo Fish

Complicate your positions little by little.
Author: Julie1009

Your coat and tail must be used wisely.
Author: oskay

You and the box must become a single entity.
Author: oldcathebeatnik

Don't let humans distract you.
Author: Orangechickensings

You are the king of your box.
Author: Spindelicious

Try S-like positions...
Author: ClausM

...or C-like ones.
Author: PunkyBrewster

Box-sleeping is always kind of an art.
Author: Julie1009

Leave your tail outside if you want.
Author: Tabbymom Jen

But don't reveal your presence unless you really mean to.
Author: Robert M. Reyes

Invite your fella to join.
Author: imbok2000

Or make humans provide another box for him.
Author: lake.sider

Humans may wonder how you can sleep like that...
Author: taurussun

...ignore them. Enjoy.
Author: Borrowed Periscope

Perhaps they will not even notice you.

Don't forget about disguise.
Author: alessio.canepa

You can hide in an absolutely unexpected box.
Author: simplybecka

This position is for experienced yoga cats...
Author: Feodora Umanov well as this one.
Author: Smeebot

Even small boxes can do.
Author: janekeeler

Be persistent and creative.
Author: kristen60647

...even if your idea seems impossible.
Author: taelcat

You know you will succeed.
Author: eugenethephotobug

Practice makes perfect. Make use of everything you can find.
Author: Marlis1

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