Photo by Conner Downey
Adult cats have the lowest adoption rate. This is really sad because adult cats can be just as cute and precious as kittens. We've listed a few out of many reasons why people should consider adopting an adult cat over a kitten.

• You know what you're getting.
An adult cat has already developed its personality. When you adopt an adult cat, the shelter will usually provide you with information about its temperament so you can see whether the kitty is a good choice for you and your family. A kitten is still developing, and it's hard to tell what personality it will have in the future. The size and appearance of an adult cat are also apparent. In addition, the shelter will usually provide you with information about the cat's health.

• Adult cats are better for children.
Kids can be rough with kittens even when they don't mean to. Adult cats, especially those with placid personalities, are usually more patient and adaptable to such treatment. Beyond doubt, children need to be taught to treat the animal respectfully, but kittens are much more unpredictable and rambunctious, they tend to scratch and bite more than an adult cat with a stable temperament.

• Adult cats are better for seniors.
Adult cats are loving and calm, so they are often a wiser choice for a senior, especially if they are over 70 or are disabled in any way.

• Adult cats are considerably less active and destructive.
Kittens are inexhaustible sources of energy and... destruction. They'll keep exploring every single corner of your house, getting into forbidden places, breaking your vases and other fragile things. Adult cats will explore your house too, but they are generally more cautious, and they won't expect you to play with them all day long.

• Adult cats have lower attention, care and training requirements.
Kittens need frequent meals, lots of play time and supervision. An adult cat's requirements are considerably lower. They know how to groom themselves and are otherwise more independent than a kitten. Quite often, they already know how to use a litter box and a scratching post.

• You avoid spaying and neutering expenses.
You won't have to spend extra money for spaying or neutering an adult cat because, normally, they are already fixed at the shelter. By the way, being spayed or neutered is another reason why adult cats have a more stable temperament than kittens.

• Mature older cats are more appreciative than kittens.
When you get older, you get wiser. This is applicable to cats, too. Older cats know there are more important things in life than toys and fun. They appreciate comfort you can provide them with as they grow older. It has also been reported many times that adult cats rescued from a difficult life situation and adopted later on become extremely affectionate and grateful. They know how lucky they are to be in your care!

• Adult cats may get on with other pets better.
Adult cats that have experience of living with other pets may adapt to them more easily than a kitten. Besides, a kitten may be too active for senior animals if you have any.

• YOU may be an adult cat's last chance!
Adult cats are often the first ones to be euthanized because they have the lowest adoption rate. They want to be chosen and loved by someone, yet they keep watching how loving families pass by over and over again looking for a more adorable, cute-faced kitten. The vast majority of adult cats in shelters were not given up because they were sick or had bad habits. Adult cats are often left at the shelter because of divorce, moving, lifestyle change, a newborn that developed an allergy, death or sickness of their owner, and many other reasons, which are no fault of the cats. You can save a life by adopting a beautiful, older, and wiser adult cat. You won't regret it because he or she simply won't let you!