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American Longhair - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA
Size: Medium to large
Coat Type(s): Longhair
Grooming: Daily
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: Average
Attention Requirement: Average
Moderately docile

Physical characteristics

The American Longhair is the result of an experiment that went wrong. Breeders were trying to produce an American Shorthair with the shimmering coat and green eyes of a silver shaded Persian: instead, they got the Persian in a shorter coat and leaner body. The new breed was called the American Longhair. Physical characteristics of an American Longhair depend on its individual ancestry. For example, some cats have a more foreshortened muzzle than others. Overall, the cat has a well-balanced and well-proportioned appearance. Males are generally larger than females.


American Longhairs are easy-going pets that inherited an adaptable, friendly, and undemanding nature of Persians. However, they are more active and lively than their placid cousins. People-oriented, they tend to follow the owner from room to room. Highly intelligent, they know how to wrap their humans around their furry paws. They can also learn some tricks (if they feel like, obviously). American Longhairs rarely fight and usually get on well with children and other pets in the household.

Coat and grooming

The American Longhair has a soft, plush coat that comes in any colour and pattern. It is, however, thinner and somewhat shorter than longhair coats of most other cats. Since American Longhairs are not eager groomers, it is recommended to brush them on a regular basis. Also, they should be bathed at least once a week.


American Longhairs with a shortened face can suffer from the same breathing problems and tear-duct conditions as Persians. Polycystic kidney disease also present in the breed. Weight gain is sometimes a problem, so regular physical activity (games) and taking care of the cat's diet are always recommended.

Are the American Longhair and Domestic Longhair the same breed?

The name Domestic Longhair (as well as the Domestic Shorthair) is given to cats whose pedigree is in question. Otherwise, it is referred to as an American Longhair. Only American Longhairs can participate in shows.