Photo by © nekineko

Australian Mist - Breed Profile:

Origin: Australia
Colors: Brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold or peach
Size: Medium
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Little
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: High
Attention Requirement: High
Overall: Can be a handful

Physical characteristics

The Australian Mist is a medium size cat with an athletic and graceful body. Its appearance does not have any extraordinary features, but it is very well-balanced and well-proportioned. The head is rounded with medium size ears set high. The nose is relatively long; it has a stop at the eye level. The cheekbones and whisker pads have smooth contours. The chin is well-developed and wide. The rounded green eyes are surprisingly large and very expressive. The tail is moderately long and slim.


Even though Australian Mists don't have an extraordinary appearance, fanciers claim these cats have an extraordinary nature reflecting the best traits of their ancestry (the Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic shorthaired cat). Highly affectionate and playful, Australian Mists will gladly entertain you for hours. They are very good with children of all ages, even with younger ones because Australian Mists don't generally tend to scratch. These cats are extremely people-oriented. They love to be on your lap and will never miss a chance to crawl onto it, even if you haven't invited them. Australian Mists are also very intelligent, and some individuals can be trained to walk on leash.

Coat and grooming

The short coat of Australian Mists is glossy and velvet to the touch. It is easy to take care of: little grooming is required. These cats come in seven colours: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold or peach. The pattern is either spotted or marbled.


There are no specific health problems associated with this breed. However, since Australian Mists have Burmese and Abyssinian heritage, they may be prone to the same diseases.

Other interesting facts

The Australian Mist was bred by crossing between the Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic shorthaired cats.