Photo by Mike McCune

Chartreux - Breed Profile:

Origin: France
Colors: Blue (grey)
Size: Medium to large
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Weekly
Talkativeness: Quiet
Activity Level: Average
Attention Requirement: Average
Overall: Easy to handle

Physical characteristics

The Chartreux (pronounced as shar-TROO) is a medium to large cat with a well-boned and muscular body. The shoulders are broad, the chest is deep. Males are usually more massive than females; they weigh 10 to 15 pounds while adult females weigh 6 to 11 pounds. The legs are relatively short and strong. The wide head is set on a short heavy neck. The cheeks are full, the jaws are powerful. Despite of their look, Chartreux cats are very agile and dexterous. The nose has a slight stop at the eye level. The medium size ears are set high on the head. The rounded eyes are wide-set and very expressive. Their colour can be gold, copper or orange; the latter is preferred. The prominent whisker pads may often make you think the cat is smiling.


Often called "smiling" cats, Chartreux cats will enchant you with their adorable expression and affectionate purrs. They are usually very quiet and talk only when they have something really important to say. Like most other felines, Chartreux cats are very self-confident and will never hesitate to wrap you around their paws, giving you lots of devotion and affection in reward. Whether you play with them or take a nap, these cats will always enjoy spending time with you. They are very loyal and adaptable companions, friendly with other pets if proper introductions have been made.

Coat and grooming

The Chartreux has a dense double coat. It is water-repellent and a bit woolly. The blue (grey) colour is the only possible colour of the breed. Weekly grooming is required.


The Chartreux is a naturally healthy and robust breed. Some individuals, however, can be prone to hereditary patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation). Also, these cats are very likely to gain weight as they grow older, so a proper diet is always recommended.