Photo by © Christian Hunold

Chausie - Breed Profile:

Origin: France
Colors: Black, brown and silver
Size: Large
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Weekly
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: High
Attention Requirement: High
Overall: Can be a handful

Physical characteristics

The Chausie is a large cat with heaving boning, full broad chest, and strong musculature. The legs are moderately long. The head is slightly longer than in other domestic cats, which makes the Chausie look like a cougar. The large ears are set wide and have tufts on the tips. The tail is slightly shorter than the entire body length. The eyes are almond shaped.
Adult Chausie males weigh 9 to 15 pounds. Adult females are usually 7 to 10 pounds.


Athletic, curious, and intelligent, the Chausie is always on the move and requires a lot of exercise to dispel its considerable energy. Most likely, you'll have to play with a Chausie longer than with an ordinary domestic cat, otherwise your companion may become destructive or even aggressive. The Chausie has a lot of dog-like traits. It is comfortable with leashes and love to play with water. Extremely faithful and devoted, friendly and lively. These cats can easily be trained. Usually, the Chausie gets along well with other pets and children.

Remember that Chausie cats are usually quite fearless. As such, they are likely to get into serious trouble if allowed to roam freely, so keeping them indoors is recommended for their safety.

Coat and grooming

The Chausie cat has a short coat easy to take care of. Grooming one in one or two weeks should be enough. This breed comes in black, brown and silver colours. The hair colour is essential with bits of white in between and a tinge of the tabby pattern. There are darker markings on ears, legs and tail.
Photo of Chausie kitten by © Karen Leigh


Naturally healthy breed. Some Chausie cats, however, cannot tolerate gluten, and may develop food allergies. Special diets are recommended. Of course, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are ideal for all cats, not only for this breed.

Other interesting facts

The Chausie is the result of breeding a domestic cat with a Jungle Cat (Felis chaus). That's why they have quite a wild look and an unusually large size.
Chausie kittens can take up to 3 years to achieve the full size.