Photo by © Mary K

Colorpoint Shorthair - Breed Profile:

Origin: Britain and North America
Colors: Colorpoint
Size: Small to medium
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Little
Talkativeness: Very vocal
Activity Level: Very high
Attention Requirement: High
Overall: Can be a handful

Physical characteristics

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a small to medium cat with a slender body and graceful outlines. The body is slightly elongated and slim, lithe but athletic at the same time. The neck is slender, the legs are long and thin. The long tail tapers to a fine point. The head and the muzzle are wedge-shaped. In profile, the nose has no stop. The large ears are wide at the base and set wide on the head, continuing the lines of the wedge. The almond-shaped eyes are slightly slanted towards the nose. The eye colour is always vivid blue.


Colorpoint Shorthair cats are a perfect choice for those who love people-oriented, incurable lap lovers, mischievous bookshelf climbers, perpetual motion machines that just won't tolerate it if you ignore them. Very agile and nimble, Colorpoint Shorthairs will keep your entertained for hours. Make sure you have enough cat toys and several cats trees. Smart and curious, these cats hate closed doors and will always find a way to sneak in. Even if it means to meow for hours until your patience is over (yes, Colorpoint Shorthairs are vocal cats that will never get bored talking to you). Given enough attention and love, Colorpoint Shorthairs give back 200 percent of their unwavering loyalty and devotion. If you cannot spare so much time to your demanding companion, it is better to choose a less people-oriented breed such as the British Shorthair or Ragdoll.

Coat and grooming

The coat of the Colorpoint Shorthair is short, fine, close-lying and lustrous. It is easy to take care of and requires little grooming.
The colours can be solid point colours in red point and cream point; lynx point colours in seal lynx point, chocolate lynx point, blue lynx point, lilac lynx point, red lynx point, cream lynx point, seal-tortie lynx point, chocolate-tortie lynx point, blue-cream lynx point and lilac-cream lynx point; and parti-colour point colours in seal-tortie point, chocolate-tortie point, blue-cream point and lilac-cream point. Body colour ranges from clear, glacial and bluish whites to assorted shades of ivory, cream and fawn.


Generally, the Colorpoint Shorthair is a healthy and robust breed. Some individuals, however, can be prone to hereditary liver amyloidosis and dilated cardiomyopathy.

Other interesting facts

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a hybrid breed of the Siamese, that's why the body standards of the two breeds are very similar. The only difference is their unique "point" colors. Colorpoint Shorthairs have sixteen different "point" colours while the Siamese has only four. The colour of the body fur is a shade of white or cream.