Photo by © Sandie J

Devon Rex - Breed Profile:

Origin: Great Britain
Colors: All
Size: Small to medium
Coat Type(s): Shorthair, curly haired
Grooming: Little
Talkativeness: Quiet
Activity Level: High
Attention Requirement: High
Overall: Moderately docile

Physical characteristics

The Devon Rex is a small to medium cat with a slender but muscular body and wavy coat typical to all Rex cats. The long thin legs end with compact oval paws. The tapering tail is long. The head is a rounded wedge; it may seem that the width is larger than its length, but it's still slightly longer than wide. The cheekbones and whisker pads are very prominent, the muzzle is relatively short. The nose has a noticeable stop. The ears are extremely large and are set so widely that their outer base extends beyond the lines of the wedge. The oval eyes are large and can be any colour depending on the coat colour.
Devon Rexes are considered to be one of the smallest cat breeds. Adult males weight 8 to 10 pounds. Adult females weight 5 to 8 pounds.


Devon Rexes have a very special personality. They are extremely people-oriented and curious, which makes them follow you everywhere in the house. They want to actively participate in everything you do. They are not hyperactive like Abyssinians or Bengals, but will surely and persistently beg for your attention if in a playful of affectionate mood. Devons usually get on well with other cats, cat-friendly dogs, and even parrots if properly introduced. They are also good with well-behaving children. Because of their social nature, don't keep Devons as a sole pet; they need a companion for the time you are not at home. Very intelligent, Devon Rex cats can learn some dog tricks such as fetching and truly enjoy this game. Sitting beside you or on your lap isn't quite enough for them, so they will try to express their affection by sitting on your shoulders or draping themselves around your neck like curly-coated scarves (or perhaps this is just a way to feel they are kings). Exceptional but adorable mischief-makers, Devons will always make you laugh.

Coat and grooming

The coat of Devon Rex cats is soft, wavy and fine. It has all three hair types: guard, awn and down. The guard hairs, however, are fragile. Little grooming is necessary. Devons are known to be little shedding cats.
All coat colours and patterns are accepted.


The Devon Rex is usually a very healthy breed, but feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), hereditary patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation), and progressive muscle disfunction can be a problem in some lines.

Other interesting facts

The Devon Rex is often confused with the Cornish Rex, but the only similarity between the two breeds is the Rex type of the coat. The most noticeable difference is the skull and ear structure: the Devon Rex has a visibly wider skull with lower set ears. Read more about the difference between the Devon and Cornish Rexes.
Amazingly, Devon Rexes wag their tails when they're happy. This habit, as well as their curly coats, make some people call them "Poodles who purr."