Photo by © Ruslana

Domestic Longhaired Cat - About:

Origin: Uknown
Colors: Any
Size: Any
Coat Type(s): Longhair
Grooming: Daily
Talkativeness: Various
Activity Level: Various
Attention Requirement: Various
Overall: Various

The Domestic Longhaired Cat (DLH) is a term used to describe long haired cats that do not belong to recognized cat breeds. These cats should not be confused with the British Longhair or Oriental Longhair cats because these two are recognized breeds.

Physical characteristics

There is no common description of DLH cats. On the contrary, Domestic Longhaired Cats come in a wide range of physical characteristics. As a result, DLH cats in different countries tend to look different because of different gene pools. For instance, DSH cats in Asia are likely to have a body type similar to purebred Oriental cats, whereas European and American DLH cats tend to have a stockier and heavier build.


As well as in physical characteristics, there is no common description of the DLH cat temperament. It varies a lot from cat to cat. Some individuals can be pure lap cats, while the others are more aloof and wary.

Coat and grooming

DLH cats have a long coat that needs more grooming than the Domestic Shorthaired cats. Moreover, some DLH cats are not able to maintain their own coat, so al least half an hour grooming can be necessary every day to prevent the fur from matting and tangling. A bath every week or too is recommended, too.
All natural colours and patterns are possible, including tabby, tortie, bi-colored, smoke, etc.


Naturally robust and healthy.