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Korat - Breed Profile:

Origin: Thailand
Colors: Solid blue tipped with silver
Size: Medium
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Little
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: High
Attention Requirement: High
Overall: Can be a handful

Some people say that a Korat cat can turn a cat hater into a cat lover. Well, no one has proven this theory, but this breed has been always considered a sign of well-being and good luck in Thailand, its origin country. Thai people say that a pair of Korats given to a bride ensures a fortunate marriage.

Physical characteristics

Korats are charmingly looking blue-grey cats with large green (yellow-green) eyes. They are medium size, well-muscled cats of semi-cobby body type, but their weight is surprisingly heavy. Males weigh 8 to 10 pounds; females weigh 6 to 8 pounds. Korats have a broad chest with widely spaced front legs. The back legs are slightly longer. The tail is heavy at the base and tapers to a rounded tip; it is medium length. If you look at the Korat from the front, the head resembles a heart. The "heart-shaped" head is actually one of the main signs that distinguishes this breed. The nose is well-defined with a slight lion-like stop. The jaws and chin are neither square not pointed; they are well-developed and strong. The eyes are large and prominent, with an extraordinary depth and green brilliance. When half-closed, they look a bit slanted. Basically, Korats get the intense green eye colour only when they are fully mature, which happens at around two to four years of age. The large ears have rounded tips and are set high on the head, which gives the cat an alert expression.
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Korat cats are very affectionate and loving; they are quite intelligent, and will surely use this advantage to wrap you around their soft blue paws. They are natural companions and will mope around if left alone for too long. When you are at home and your Korat feels like sticking to you, it will try to help literally with everything that you do, from sorting socks to typing on keyboard. It never occurs to this sharp-minded breed that you would do it all easier without a small, bright-eyed furball attached to your leg or perched on your shoulder. When they are absorbed in a game, Korats will run straight over the tops of tables, counters, sleeping dogs and fellow felines to catch the "prey". They are great hunters. Besides playing and being your indispensable helper, Korats have two other favourite activities: eating and sleeping. These cats are not very vocal (less than the Siamese, their country mates) but they do have their own ways of letting you know what you are supposed to do. True cat lovers say that Korats have an extremely expressive face, and a single glance is enough to understand what they need. Since Korats are very inquisitive, they must be kept as indoor cats.

Coat and grooming

Korats have a short coat that is glossy and fine. The undercoat is very little so the fur does not mat much. They do not need much grooming, but Korats love any extra attention, so they will love grooming even if it is not necessary at the moment.
Photo by NickHodge.

The "heart-shaped" head is one of the main signs that distinguishes Korats.

Just like the Russian blue and Nebelung cat, Korats come in the only one colour and pattern: solid blue tipped with silver. The silver hue makes the luminous silver halo, which becomes more apparent with age. Adults have neither shading nor tabby markings, but those can be usual in kittens (so called "ghost markings").


Overall, Korats are healthy cats. However, there can be two inherited diseases: gangliosidosis GM1 and GM2. They are both lethal. To get either of the diseases, a Korat cat must inherit the faulty genes from both its parents. Fortunately, specially developed genetic tests greatly helped to eliminate the problem.

Other interesting facts

- When kittens, Korats can resemble ugly ducks but this period does not last long. Be patient, and your "ugly" kitty will become a naturally-wonderful feline swan.
- In Thailand, Korat cats are known as "Si-Sawat", which means "Color of the Sawat Seed".