Female curly long-legged odd-eyed Lambkin kitten.

Photo credit: purringangelscattery

Lambkin Dwarf - Breed Profile:

Origin: United States
Colors: Any
Size: Small
Coat Type(s): Longhair, curly
Grooming: Weekly
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: Average
Attention Requirement: Average
Overall: Moderately docile

The Lambkin is a very cute miniature cat that is very likely to steal your heart. It is a cross between the Munchkin and Selkirk Rex. The breed is also known as the Nanus Rex ("Nanus" means "dwarf"). The "Lambkin", however, is a more common name of these cats.

Physical characteristics

The Lambkin has inherited the two distinctive features of its parent breeds: a long curly coat of the Selkirk Rex and short legs of the Munchkin. Overall, the Lambkin justifies its breed name just perfectly. It literally looks like a "small young lamb", and often retains a kitten look throughout its life. The tail is particularly long in Lambkins, and the eyes are usually blue.
Lambkins are considered to be one of the smallest cat breeds. Their weight is 4 to 9 pounds.


The Lambkin has a joyful and docile disposition of the Selkirk Rex and a lively streak of the Munchkin. Even though their legs are short, Lambkins are capable of high jumps to beds and chairs. They will usually have no problems climbing to places they are interested in, including your lap. Lambkins are not very vocal cats but they will surely let you know if they need something. Overall, these cats make very charming, affectionate and mellow pets that thrive on human attention and love. They are easy-going and far from being a handful.

Coat and grooming

The curly coat of Lambkins is long and very soft to the touch. It may look a bit shaggy. Regular weekly brushing is necessary to keep it in a good condition. Overall, these furry balls require as much coat care as other longhair breeds.
Lambkins come in many colours and patterns, but white is said to be most common. The tail is usually marked with points.


The breed is still very new, so more research needs to be done to determine possible health issues. Chances are that Lambkins may be prone to pectus excavatum and lordosis, which are considered to be health concerns in the Munchkin.

Other interesting facts

Not every kitten in the litter will be both short statured and curly coated. Sometimes kittens can be short legged with a straight coat, long legged with a straight coat, or long legged with a curly coat. Even though these kittens make wonderful house pets, they cannot participate in shows and are usually neutered. It is very difficult to get a kitten with all the attributes matching the Lambkin standards, and this is one of the reasons this breed is very rare.
The Lambkin Dwarf Cat is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA).