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RagaMuffin - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA

Colours: Any

Size: Medium to large
Coat Type(s):
Activity Level:
Attention Requirement:
Easy to handle

Originally bred from Ragdoll cats, RagaMuffins have a very similar appearance

Adorable teddy bears. This is what occurs when you look at a RagaMuffin, doesn't it? These cats have a specific look and charming temperament. Perhaps, that is why the name "RagaMuffin", originally put forth as a joke, eventually stuck to the breed.

Physical characteristics

Originally bred from Ragdoll cat, RagaMuffins have a very similar appearance. The only noticeable difference is coat colours and patterns, which are not so strict as in the Ragdoll. RagaMuffins are medium-to-large longhair cats with a verily robust appearance. Their body is moderately muscled and heavy. Adult males can weigh 12 to 20 pounds; adult females weigh 8 to 15 pounds. The chest and shoulders are broad, as well as the hindquarters. The legs are medium length with heavy boning, which is perfect to support the massive body. The paws are round, with dense tufts. The head shape is a rounded wedge. The muzzle is rather round, with full cheeks and strong chin; it tends to be broad and slightly short in length. The tail is furry like a soft bottle brush, and tapering slightly. The medium ears are slightly flaring and tilting forward, which supplements the whole impression of roundness. The eyes are large, expressive, and widely set; their shape resembles a walnut.


RagaMuffins are known to be very affectionate and sweet. They love people and their favourite activity is to be cuddled. They will do nearly anything for a tummy rub or a head pet. Patience and calmness, along with an easy-going temperament, makes them one of the perfect family pets. They are pure lap cats, just like the Ragdoll. RagaMuffins know no strangers, and any guest of your house will be welcomed at the door straight away. Due to such a mellow character, these cats must be kept indoors only. RagaMuffins are rather intelligent and can be trained to do simple tricks such as playing fetch, sit up to beg, or walking on a leash. Surprisingly, the cats have a nature hesitation to show their claws while playing. However, it is better to have an older kitten or an adult cat with young children. RagaMuffins are generally good with other pets (including dogs). These cats are quiet and adaptable; they are excellent companions that will want to be involved in everything that you do. Fanciers say that RagaMuffins are pretty addictive - you can never stop at just one.
RagaMuffin kitten by ragashanti

Coat and grooming

Unlike Ragdoll cats, whose patterns and colours are under strict standards, RagaMuffins come in any colour and pattern. However, colorpoints are not allowed in CFA standards.
The silky coat of RagaMuffins can be kept in a good state by grooming once a week.


RagaMuffins are basically healthy and robust cats without any breed-specific health problems. However, since they have Ragdoll and Persian ancestors, some lines may have inherited diseases specific to those breeds.

Other interesting facts

- Outcrossing with the Ragdoll and the Persian was a usual deal in the past, now it is not allowed.
- RagaMuffin kittens are basically more expensive than Ragdoll kittens.