Photo by © Sprinteur

Selkirk Rex - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA
Colors: Any
Size: Medium to large
Coat Type(s): Shorthair and longhair, curly haired
Grooming: Weekly
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: Low
Attention Requirement: Average
Overall: Easy to handle

Physical characteristics

The Selkirk Rex is a medium to large cat with heavy boning and a muscular body. The shoulders and hips are the same width. The legs are medium to long with large round paws. The medium length tail is well-proportioned to the body. The head is round and wide, with full cheeks. The medium size ears are broad at the base and continue the round lines of the head. The eyes are round and set wide apart, they can be any colour.
Males are heavier than females: they weigh 11 to 16 pounds while females weigh 6 to 12 pounds.


Like the LaPerm and Skookum, the Selkirk Rex is an easy-going cat that can hardly be destructive. Along with a curly appearance, you get an affectionate and devoted companion easy to take care of. These cats love attention but they cannot be called demanding. They are more lively that placid Persians, but less active than energetic Devon or Cornish Rexes. Basically, all they need is love and cuddling. Fanciers claim that Selkirk Rexes are probably the most affectionate cat you can ever have. True lap cats. Some individuals will gladly take a ride on your shoulders. Adaptable, tolerant, and patient, they usually get along well with other pets if proper introductions are made.

Coat and grooming

The Selkirk Rex can be both shorthair and longhair. Both the varieties have a soft, dense, curly fur. Whiskers and ear furnishings are curly too. Once a week brushing is necessary with shorthairs, and twice a week brushing is preferable with longhairs. The Selkirk Rex comes in all colours and patterns.


The Selkirk Rex has no known breed-specific health issues.