Photo by © Elena Dmitrieva

Thai Cat - Breed Profile:

Origin: Thailand
Colors: Any point colour, beige body
Size: Medium
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Little
Talkativeness: Vocal
Activity Level: High
Attention Requirement: High
Overall: Can be a handful

Physical characteristics

The Thai is a medium size cat with a lithe graceful body. It looks pretty much the same as the Traditional (Old-Style) Siamese, and this is how the breed is sometimes referred to. The unique feature of Thai cats is the shape of their head - the forehead is long and flat. This trait is used to distinguish the breed from other pointed cats. The head is wide with rounded sides. The muzzle is wedge-shaped. At the cheekbones, there's a slight curve inward to where the muzzle begins. Then, the muzzle tapers gradually toward the nose. The end of the muzzle is somewhat spade-shaped, neither pointy nor blunt. The ears are broad-based and set relatively high on the head, looking a bit like fingers in a "peace sign."
The entire appearance of Thais have no extreme features. The body is moderately long and substantial. The boning is medium, the legs and the tail are well-proportioned to the body. The eyes are deep blue.


The Thai is a highly intelligent, active and people-orientated cat. They are great chatters and will often talk to you in yowls and yips. Greeting you at the door is a usual thing. They are high maintenance cats when it comes to affection and attention. Living with a Thai is like living with a small child: they will jump onto the top of your favourite wall-mounted clock and balance there, teetering, just to see if they can. They will follow you everywhere trying to "help" with everything you do. They need daily attention like air, so do not consider this breed if you cannot provide them with that. But if you want a close devoted companion to busy and light up your days with a great sense of feline humour, Thais are a terrific choice.

Coat and grooming

The coat of Thais is short, soft, silky to the touch. It's neither tight nor slick like glass, nor does it feel plush. Little grooming is necessary because Thais tend to keep themselves very clean.
Thais come in any point color and solid points, tabby points, tortie points, or torbie points. White markings are not allowed in show cats.


Thais can be prone to developing cross-eyes and kinked tails, but these are merely physical problems that has no impact on their longevity. Otherwise, the breed is naturally healthy.

Other interesting facts

The Thai is the official breed name given by TICA. In Thailand itself, the cat is known as the Wichien-Maat which means "moon diamond". Another name of the breed is the Old-Style (Traditional) Siamese. In 2007, TICA granted Preliminary New Breed status to the Thai, and in 2009 promoted the Thai to Advanced New Breed.