Ever came home to a huge mess? Have a cat? Well, everything's clear then! Here's some evidence of the mischief cats can get up to when you're not at home.

Kitty will make sure you've really left.

Revealed by Raquel Van Nice

Every single gap will be explored, every single wire inspected.

Revealed by Terri Green

Make sure your toilet paper holder is cat proof if you don't want it to be a subject of cat revenge for everything you may have done wrong (in the cat's opinion, of course).

Revealed by malarwen

Every single home plant will be investigated for edibleness.

Revealed by ericarthur

Don't ever trust these innocent eyes, toilet paper rolls are NOT able to commit suicide.

Revealed by Bill McChesney

Before watering a home plant, check whether there's a cat under it if you don't want to be jumped at all of a sudden.

Revealed by Phaedra

Don't leave anything on the kitchen table, especially glass.

Revealed by Minochage

It is usually wise to safely close the fridge and all shelves with food.

Revealed by Lisa Creech Bledsoe

Ever wondered why stuff on your desktop is not where you left it? No, it's not magic. It's the cat.

Revealed by Janina Szkut

Have your lost your kitty? Check all the drawers.

Revealed by Melissa Wiese

Check all the possible hiding places even if it may seem impossible for a cat to get there.

Revealed by Still Burning

Don't forget to check your fresh linen, it's very likely that your cat will want to make sure you've washed it well.

Revealed by Larry Beane

If you spot new figurine items in your house, check whether you can find your cat.

Revealed by John Wick

Well, no one knows the origin of cat love to bags but... it's an obvious fact.

Revealed by nekineko

There is no cat indifferent to a Christmas tree!

Revealed by Dan Buczynski

After everything has been explored and/or ruined, a cat may simply slumber waiting for you to come back.

Revealed by guremike

It will seem, however, that they have been sleeping all time through.

Revealed by Beth Damegrau

At times, things cats do when you leave the house are pretty innocent.

Revealed by Anthony

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