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Ukrainian Levkoy - Breed Profile:

Origin: Ukraine
Colors: Any
Size: Medium
Coat Type(s): Hairless
Grooming: Twice a week
Talkativeness: Average
Activity Level: Average
Attention Requirement: Average
Overall: Moderately docile

Physical characteristics

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a medium size cat with a truly unique appearance. Probably, this is the most bizarre domestic cat you have ever come across. Ukrainian Levkoys have a hairless appearance just like the Sphynx cat, and folded ears just like the Scottish Fold. The body of Ukrainian Levkoys is long, muscular and slender, neither massive nor coarse. The back line slightly arched. The legs are relatively long, well-boned, in proportion to the body. The paws are oval with long fine toes. The head is a modified wedge. The nose is neither long nor short, with slight stop at the eyes level. The ears are rather large, set high and wide apart. The almond shaped ears are large but not wide opened, they are slightly slanted. Any colour of the eyes is allowed, but it should always be pure and deep. The long tail is flexible and tapering. Like other hairless cat breeds, Ukrainian Levkoys have extremely short whiskers that can be curly or shortly snapped. Also, there can be no whiskers at all.


Originated in 2000, the breed is rather new, and little is known about typical personality traits and streaks of these cats. However, Ukrainian Levkoys are said to be friendly, active, people-oriented, gentle, and playful felines.

Coat and grooming

The skin of Levkoys is soft, hot, excessive, and elastic. It is often wrinkled if the cat is not in a fully stretched position. The grooming recommendations are the same as for other hairless breeds, i.e. about twice a week. It is necessary because the cat doesn't have fur to absorb natural oil secretions of the skin, so without regular bathing and grooming (wiping with cloth) the skin can become sticky to the touch and develop various problems.
Ukrainian Levkoys come in all colours and patterns and are known to be little shedding cats.


Since the breed is new, there's still very little information about hereditary diseases in its lines.

Other interesting facts

Originated in 2000, Ukrainian Levkoys derive their name from the Levkoy plant that has bent leaves, just like the cat's ears.