Photo credit: zoovet

Ussuri Cat - Breed Profile:

Origin: Russia
Colors: Tabby
Size: Medium
Coat Type(s): Shorthair
Grooming: Occasional
Talkativeness: Quiet
Activity Level: Average
Attention Requirement: Little
Overall: Moderately docile

Physical characteristics

The Ussuri cat is a wild-looking cat with an athletic, well-boned but graceful body. The rounded head is medium size with well-shaped but not prominent chin. The muscular legs are medium length. The feet are rounded and firm. The tapering tail has a rounded tip very similar to one of the European Wildcat. The tips of the ears often have typical "lynx" brushes.


As well as other breeds that have wild heritage, Ussuri cats are very intelligent, smart, and adroit. Naturally talented at hunting, so you can be sure there will be no mice and rats left around. Usually form strong bonds with only one person in the house. They are not lap cats and hardly be called indoor cats; they do need to spend time outdoors. Ussuri cats won't follow you everywhere begging for food or attention. They can easily eat in the morning and then disappear till the evening or even the next day.

Coat and grooming

The short coat of Ussuri cats is glossy and close-lying, with thick undercoat. Occasional grooming should be fine. Shedding is seasonal.
The pattern is distinctive modified tabby. The legs must have bronze colour lines at the top part and ground colour lines at the lower part. The cheeks have two or three distinctive bronze lines. The neck and the chest have one or several bronze lines that can be either merged or broken. There is a distinctive dark line along the back. The sides of the body can have stripes, rings, merged or solid vertical spots. The tail must have a dark ground color tip and be ringed. There is also a dark dorsal stripe.


Naturally robust, though annual check ups can never be excessive.

Other interesting facts

The Ussuri cat was originated in the Amur river region in Russia. It is thought to have occurred as a natural cross between small wild cats such as the Amur Leopard Cats (Asian Leopard Cat subspecies) and the Amur Forest Cats. Even in the native Russia, the breed is extremely rare. The Ussuri cat isn't currently bred for associations or part of any breeding program.