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American Water Spaniel - Breed Profile:

Origin: United States
Solid liver, brown, or dark chocolate
Size: Medium
Type of Owner:
Exercise: Moderate
Grooming: Regular
Trainability: Easy to train
Combativeness: Not generally dog aggressive
Dominance: Low
Noise: Likes to bark

Physical characteristics

The American Water Spaniel is a muscular medium size dog with a crisp-textured coat. The body is well-developed and sturdily built. The chest is neither too wide not too narrow. The ribs are well-sprung. The broad head is well-proportioned to the body and moderately long. The stop is quite noticeable but not too pronounced. The muzzle is square shaped. The long pendent ears are covered with curls. The nose can be either dark brown or black. The eye colour matches the coat color in shades of brown or hazel. The teeth should meet in either scissor or level bite. The tapering tail is moderately feathered. The gait is well-balanced.
American Water Spaniels weigh 25 to 45 pounds, and their height is 15 to 18 inches.


Intelligent and very trainable, American Water Spaniels enjoy working and are eager to please. Energetic and confident, they love attention but can entertain themselves if necessary. Socialize them well at an early age to avoid timidity and potential dog-aggressiveness. Excellent with children. They usually get along well with other pets. Like all other dogs, American Water Spaniels can develop behaviour issues if they don't recognize the owner as a pack leader. If the dog doesn't receive a sufficient amount of daily mental and physical exercise, it may tend to bark, whine and become over-excited. Overall, these dogs are easy-going and affectionate companions.

Coat and grooming

American Water Spaniels come in solid liver, brown, or dark chocolate colours. Sometimes there are little white spots on the chest. The coat can be wavy (marcel) or tightly curled. The amount of waves or curls can vary depending on the part of the dog's body. Regular brushing is necessary (at least twice a week).


Naturally robust and healthy, although some lines are prone to skin problems. May snore and drool. The lifespan is 12 to 15 years.

Other interesting facts

The American Water Spaniel is a superior and enthusiastic swimmer. When they swim, they use their tail as a rudder. The breed is customarily used for hunting quail, duck, pheasant, grouse, and rabbit.