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Beagle - Breed Profile:

Origin: England
Colors: Tri-color, red and white, orange and white, lemon and white
Size: Small
Type of Owner: Novice
Exercise: Moderate
Grooming: Very little
Trainability: A bit difficult to train
Combativeness: Friendly with other dogs
Dominance: Low
Noise: Likes to bark

Physical characteristics

Beagles are very sturdy small dogs with a broad, slightly rounded skull. The muzzle looks somewhat square. The ears are long, wide, and pendent. The eyes are usually brown or hazel. The tail is never curled over the back; it is usually held gaily.
There are two height types of Beagles: 13-15 inches and under 13 inches. The weight averages 20 to 30 pounds.


Beagles are amazingly sweet, gentle, and lively. This is the very dog you usually call "a happy tail wagger". They have a very affectionate personality, which makes them excellent for children and elderly people. They are also curious and have a tendency to follow their noses, just like the Basset Hound. These dogs have minds of their own and can be wilful sometimes. Patient and firm training is required. If you are out a lot, it is better to take two puppies because Beagles do not really enjoy solitude and, when left alone for too long a time, may develop various kinds of unwanted behaviour such as obsessive barking, over-protectiveness, snapping, biting, etc. This is not, however, the breed's fault. This is a lack of sufficient daily exercise and mental work. Also, this is a lack of leadership from your side. Beagles are not dominant and they literally love everyone. Very good and friendly with other dogs and pets, but should not be trusted with non-canine pets. These dogs also like wandering, so you had better ensure they are walking in a well-fenced area.

Coat and grooming

The coat is short and sleek, very easy to take care of. Occasional brushing should be fine to keep it in good and glossy condition.


Some Beagle lines are prone to heart disease, epilepsy, eye and back problems. You must take good care of their ears: regular cleaning is necessary to reduce the chance of infections. Also, Beagles are known to be eager eaters, so it is recommended to pay special attention to their diet.
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The average lifespan is about 12-15 years.

Other interesting facts

- The natural talents of the Beagle are hunting, tracking, and agility. They are also very good watchdogs, and can work well for narcotics detection.
- The oldest dog registered in the Guinness Book of Records is a Beagle named Butch. He lived for 28 years.