Image credit: Mrs Doggie

Bichon Frise - Breed Profile:

Origin: Mediterranean area
Colors: White
Size: Small
Type of Owner: Novice
Exercise: Moderate
Grooming: Daily
Trainability: Easy to train
Combativeness: Friendly with other dogs
Dominance: Low
Noise: Not a barker

Physical characteristics

The Bichon Frise is a small, sturdy dog with pendent ears, a black nose and dark round eyes. The tail is plumed and held loosely over the back. The head and the legs are well proportioned to the body. The height is about 9-12 inches, the weight is 10 to 18 pounds.


Bichons are charming, lively, cheerful and gentle dogs. They are pretty intelligent and self-assured. Bred to be companion dogs, Bichons usually get along well with both children and other animals. They give you all their love and devotion, and they require the same: they do need a lot of attention and care. If they are happy, they will amaze you with various tricks and perfect training abilities. Be sure to socialize the dog well and to remain a pack leader at all times.

Coat and grooming

The white coat of Bichons consists of an outer coat and a soft undercoat. The outer coat is curly. Although Bichon Frises do not tend to shed much, they do have high grooming requirements. Daily grooming is necessary to keep the luxurious curls in an attractive and healthy state. The coat of these dogs is very likely to tangle, which is another reason to groom it often. Besides grooming, it is also recommended to bathe a Bichon every 10-14 days.
If you want your dog to look like an elegant powder puff, you should have him trimmed and groomed professionally.


Bichons may develop some health problems such as watery eyes, cataracts, skin and ear ailment.