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Border Collie - Breed Profile:

Origin: United Kingdom
Any, except white as the main colour
Type of Owner: Experienced
Exercise: Daily
Easy to train
Fairly dog-aggressive
Dominance: High
Noise: Likes to bark

Physical characteristics

Border Collies are are athletic dogs with a body slightly longer than its height. The skull is pretty flat; it is not very wide. The ears very expressive, they can be erect, half-floppy, or one of each. The eyes are oval and usually brown, though some individuals may have blue eyes. The long tail is usually held low; when the dog is excited, it can be raised, but it is never carried over the back.
The height ranges from 18 to 22 inches, the weight is 30 to 60 pounds. Like in many other breeds, females tend to be smaller.


Without exaggeration, it can be said that Border Collies are living bundles of energy. They have a great endurance and need a lot of daily exercise. If Border Collies are left alone for a long time, they may become depressed and even destructive, so these dogs require owners that can spend a lot of time with them and give them a lot of attention. They also need a proper socialization from an early age; without it, Border Collies may become shy. They also require obedience training and firm human leadership because every adolescent Border Collie tries to challenge its master's authority at some point (which makes them a poor choice for novice dog owners, by the way). In spite of the lively temperament, these dogs are usually reserved with strangers. Being sensitive, they are a better companion for older and considerate children. If you like jogging, take your Collie with you to enjoy it. Do not let your dog be bored or ignored, keep it busy, and you will have a happy friend by your side.

Coat and grooming

There are two coat types in Border Collies: the rough and smooth. The rough variety has a medium length coat on the body and a short coat on the ears, face, feet, and fronts of the legs. This variety also has so called "feathering" on the chest and backs of the forelegs and haunches. The smooth type has short hair on the entire body with little "feathering". Border Collies come in all colours and colour mixes including black and white, tri-colour, red and white, black and grey, all black, merle and sable.
These dogs are average shedders and need very little grooming.


Border Collies are prone to hip dysplasia and Collie Eye Anomaly; they may also be prone to epilepsy and deafness. Many Border Collies are allergic to fleas.
The lifespan of Border Collies is 12-15 years.