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Boston Terrier - Breed Profile:

Origin: United States
Colors: Brindle-and-white, black-and-white
Size: Small
Type of Owner: Novice
Exercise: Moderate
Grooming: Little
Trainability: Easy to train
Combativeness: Friendly with other dogs
Dominance: Low
Noise: Average barker

Physical characteristics

The Boston Terrier is a small compact dog with a smooth broad head that resembles the Boxer a bit. The muzzle is short and topped with a black nose; the black eyes are round, large, wide-set, and very expressive. The body is rather slim, well-lined, and well-muscled. The ears are usually cropped in this breed, but whether you decide to do it or not, they should be erect anyway.
The height is about 15 inches, and the weigh is up to 25 pounds.


Even though Boston Terriers were bred for dog fights, today they make great pets with a gentle, well-mannered, and affectionate personality. Sometimes a bit wilful, they are usually receptive to patient training. Excellent with children and elderly people. Friendly with strangers, other dogs and pets, Boston Terriers have a low lever of dominance. However, two or more males living together can fight. Moderate exercise are enough for this breed: make sure you do not push the dog too far because it can overheat. Some puppies are difficult to housebreak, but overall, these dogs are wonderful and easy-care companions.

Coat and grooming

Boston Terriers come in brindle, black, and seal colours combined with white chest and blaze. Usually odorless, their smooth short coat and very easy to groom. They do not require much grooming though, so occasional brushing should be fine. Also, use a damp cloth to keep the coat shiny and glossy. Shedding is very little in this breed.


The protruding eyes can be easily damaged. The specific shape of the muzzle makes the dog prone to wheezing, snoring and drooling (all dogs with a short muzzle have this problem: the English Toy Spaniel, French Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, etc). The most common diseases in Boston Terriers are the brachycephalic syndrome and patellar luxation.

The lifespan of the Boston Terrier can be over 15 years.