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Dalmatian - Breed Profile:

Origin: Dalmatia (part of the former Yugoslavia)
Colors: White with black spots
Size: Medium to large
Type of Owner: Experienced
Exercise: Daily
Grooming: Regular
Trainability: Easy to train
Combativeness: Can be a bit dog-aggressive
Dominance: Moderate
Noise: Average barker

Physical characteristics

Dalmatians are medium-sized sturdy dogs with an elegant, athletic, and well-proportioned body. The head is smooth-lined with dark eyes and highly-set floppy ears tapering towards the tip. The tail is rather long. The feet are round and compact.
The height of Dalmatians is 19 to 24 inches, the weight is 40 to 70 pounds. Males are usually larger and heavier.


Active, playful, and affectionate dogs with excellent stamina. Dalmatians form very strong bonds with their owners, so they do require human companionship and had better not be kept as yard dogs. Dalmatians love playing with children and are usually good with other pets in the house, albeit can be a bit aggressive with strange dogs. Proper socialization is necessary, otherwise the dog can become shy. Very intelligent and thus easy to train, Dalmatians are pretty stubborn at times, so firm and consistent training is best. Make sure you stay the pack leader. They are also excellent jogging companions. If a Dalmatian is bored, he can become rather destructive, so daily romps are necessary to prevent this behaviour. Overall, Dalmatians are easy-to-keep dogs.

Coat and grooming

Dalmatians come in a very recognizable pattern: white colour with black spots. There is also a liver-spotted type but it is not so common. The spots should not form large black patches.
The coat of Dalmatians is short and sleek. It sheds constantly, so regular grooming is necessary.


Puppies should be checked for deafness. Dalmatians are prone to kidney problems. However, they are less than other dogs prone to hip dysplasia. A low protein diet is often recommended for this breed to avoid urinary tract issues.

The lifespan of Dalmatians is 10 to 12 years.

Other interesting facts

  • Puppies are born totally white, and the black spots develop later.
  • Dalmatians are very clean dogs with no doggy odour.
  • Dalmatians have large litters, sometimes up to 15 puppies.