There's nothing like a 60mph wind to put a smile on a dog's face! Why: While nobody is precisely certain as to why dogs enjoy hanging out of moving cars, it might be:
A) The more air passing through their nostrils the more powerful the smell sensation.
B) They feel happier outdoors rather than inside the 'stuffy' car.
C) Because it's fun.

Author: HyeStyleShots

If you've ever been hit in the eye ball by a fly travelling at 60mph, you'll know why these 'doggles' are necessary.

Author: mikkers!

Author: Emme M.

Author: saikiishiki

Apparently the wind can make a Dog's teeth itch, sometimes they'll snap at the air in order to 'bite' the culprit.

Author: Rinalia

Author: romeo'smom

Author: Lochin!

Author: Burnt Umber

Author: bsmith4815

As dogs experience the plethora of objects whizzing by, they shut down some of their other senses. This can result in some incredibly zoned out looking faces!

Author: Evgeny Fetisov

When all is said and done, a well trained dog feels just as comfortable in the car as we do. Give your dog a break, take them for a trip!

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