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American Chinchilla - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA
Colors: Agouti
Personality: Curious
Size: Large

Appearance and coat description

The American Chinchilla is medium-boned rabbit with a deep loin and broad shoulders. Also known as the "Heavyweight Chinchilla", it is is larger than the Standard Chinchilla. Otherwise, the two breeds are identical. The medium length body is round, stocky, and compact. The fairly broad head is set on a quite short neck. The ears are carried straight erect; they can lie back when the rabbit is at rest. The short coat of American Chinchillas is very soft, silky, and dense. It is fairly easy to take care of. Weekly grooming with a slicker brush is fine. In shedding periods, twice a week grooming is necessary. American Chinchillas have the agouti colouring; it means the hair has different colour bands along its length. The undercolour (next to the skin) is dark slate blue, the middle colour band is white or pearl, and the tips of the hair is grey. Black 'ticking' (guard hairs) are unevenly distributed over most of the body. The belly, neck, flanks and eye-circles have pale, pearl ticking, and the ears are laced with black.
American Chinchillas weigh 9 to 12 pounds.


American Chinchillas have a docile, curious, and energetic personality. Good-natured. They enjoy attention and may learn to recognize your voice and then get excited when you come in. They can get on well with other animals such as cats and dogs if properly introduced. Make sure that your cat or dog doesn't think the rabbit is its prey.

Health and hutch

Generally healthy, with no serious breed-specific diseases. An ideal setup would be a 3x3 feet hutch with two levels, or a raised platform within a higher ceiling single level.

Other interesting facts

The American Chinchilla is an American breed developed in the early 1920s from the first Chinchilla rabbits imported from Europe in 1919.
In shows, the body type of American Chinchillas is considered more important than the rabbit's colour.