Photo by © eXtension Liz

American Fuzzy Lop - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA
Colors: Variety
Personality: Curious
Size: Small

Appearance and coat description

The American Fuzzy Lop is a dwarf rabbit with a compact rounded body, short broad face and floppy ears that should extend 0,5 to 1 inches below the jaw. It is similar in appearance to a Holland Lop. However, the American Fuzzy Lop is a wool breed and will have wool similar to the Angora breeds, although the wool will be of a short variety. The coat comes in a lot of different colours. They are grouped into the Agouti, Pointed White, Self, Shaded, and Broken.
The Agouti pattern includes three or more bands of colour on each hair. The abdomen, the underside of the tail, the inside of the nostrils and the ears are cream, orange or white; this colour is also present around the eyes. The Agouti pattern includes Chestnut Agouti and Chinchilla. The Pointed White variety is predominantly white with coloured ears, nose, feet, legs, and tail; the eyes are pink. The coat of Self rabbits can be solid black, blue, ruby eyed white (albino), and chocolate. The colour of the Shaded variety is darker on the face, ears, feet, legs, tail, belly, and haunches. The Broken pattern is white colour combined with any other recognized variety.
The long coat is dense and slightly coarse, which means it won't mat so easily as in many other long-haired breeds. Young rabbits require more grooming as their coat is softer and matts more easily.
American Fuzzy Lops weigh up to 4 pounds.


The temperament of American Fuzzy Lops tends to vary a lot. Each has its own unique personality. Some are very calm and friendly, while others are quite hyper and skittish. Males tend to be calmer and more mellow, whereas females tend to be more shy. Spayed or neutered, both sexes are very amicable. Aside from a proper diet, grooming, and cage cleaning, Fuzzies require a lot of love and attention, which they will surely return. Don't forget about this if you don't have many free hours during the day to devote to your little bundle of fur. Fuzzies are very intelligent and can be trained to use a litter box. Some Fuzzies even go further and learn their names and a few commands. Properly socialized Fuzzies will often chase along after you through the house, or learn how to play fetch with you.

Health and hutch

Like other small mammals, American Fuzzy Lops can be prone to colds and viral infections. With proper care, Fuzzies will generally live about 10-12 years. Even though they are small rabbits, they need a sufficiently spacious cage where they can move around freely. It's also recommended to provide them with a nest box so they have a cozy place to sleep, and a litter box for easy clean-ups.

Other interesting facts

American Fuzzy Lops are known to be a product of successive breeding of recessive Holland Lops born with long hair instead of the normal rollback fur. Some studies say attempts to breed the Holland Lop with the Angora also resulted in generations of longhaired varieties. As a breed, the American Fuzzy Lop was recognized in 1988.