Photo by © Marshtackynut

American Rabbit - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA
Colors: Blue, white
Size: Large

Appearance and coat description

Also know as the American Blue or American White (depending on the coat colour), the American is a medium to large rabbit with a soft, silky, and very fine coat of medium length. The head is medium size, narrow, with the ears about 5 inches long. The body type is mandolin or semi-arch, low over the shoulders and then arching up over well-muscled hindquarters. The American's loin should be wide and meaty, full clear down to the table when properly posed. Boning is medium. This breed comes in two colours: solid blue and solid white. The blue variety has the deepest, darkest colour of all the blue rabbits. Blues should have blue or slate coloured eyes and dark nails, while Whites have ruby eyes and white toenails.
The American weighs 9 to 12 pounds.


The American Blue/White is gentle and docile. It makes a great pet and a great show animal as it has all traits anyone would want in a rabbit. Friendly with people, moderately active, and easy to handle.

Health and hutch

With proper breeding and care, the American can be a large and hardy animal. Few genetic problems are known. As the breed is rather large, it will require larger cages or a hutch. An ideal setup would be a 3x3 feet hutch with two levels, or a raised platform within a higher ceiling single level.

Other interesting facts

The blue American rabbit was developed in Pasadena, California by Lewis Salsbury in 1917. Once known as the German Blue, the uniquely blue-grey variety was renamed the American Blue after the World War I.
The white variety was introduced a bit later, in 1925. It was developed by selecting rabbits with white spots, and adding white flemish giants in the bloodline. The American is now the rarest rabbit breed in the United States.