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Beveren - Breed Profile:

Origin: Belgium
Colors: Blue, white, black, brown, lilac
Personality: Relaxed
Size: Large

Appearance and coat description

The Beveren is one of the oldest rabbit breeds. The medium length body has a recognized mandolin shape. The back is broad and meaty while the loin is deep and firm. The well-sprung rib cage tapers gradually from wide smooth hips. The shoulders are strong. Viewed from the side, the body represents a clear definite arch. The topline is a smooth curve, with the highest point around the middle of the back. The head is full from top to bottom. The ears are carried in a V-shaped manner; their perfect length is 5 inches and more. The legs are powerful and well-boned. The coat is dense and glossy. Beverens come in blue, white, black, brown and lilac colours. Brown and lilac, however, are not recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). The eye colour should be blue-grey in blue rabbits, brilliant blue in white ones, and dark brown in black rabbits. The coat length is about 1,5 inches.
The weight is 8 to 12 pounds.


Beveren rabbits are well-tempered, clean, smart, and moderately energetic. They love to explore the outdoors. Compared to other breeds, however, it is somewhat a mellow rabbit with a slightly laid back personality, which makes the Beveren an excellent family pet. This is also a wonderful breed to show. The does are typically docile and make good mothers.

Health and hutch

The Beveren is generally a hardy and robust breed. It can be easily reared in most wire hutches.

Other interesting facts

The breed was first developed in Beveren, Belgium in the 19th century. The Beveren was derived from crosses of the Brabanconne, St. Nicolas Blue, and the Blue Vienna.In the United States, the breed is extremely rare.