Photo by © saphirebutterfly

Giant Chinchilla - Breed Profile:

Origin: USA
Colors: Agouti

Appearance and coat description

The Giant Chinchilla is a giant rabbit that was developed in the United States in 1921 by crossing Chinchillas with white Flemish Giants. The long body is broad from the shoulders to the rump, with heavy boning. The fairly long ears are carried uprights. The coat colour is agouti, which means the hair shafts have different colour bands along its length. The colour next to the skin is slate blue. Then, there is a band of white hair, followed by a narrow band of black. The coat is short, dense, and very soft. It requires weekly grooming, with extra care given in shedding periods.
The weight is 12 to 16 pounds.


Giant Chinchillas are gentle, relaxed, and placid. They thrive on attention and love to be petted. Normally, they feel quite fine as couch potatoes lying all stretched out. Some individuals tend to be more playful and energetic than others. Does are usually good mothers with large litters. Because of its very large size, this breed is not recommended for children to handle. If the rabbit feels insecure, it may accidentally scratch the kid, and those large feet can do a lot of damage to the child without any intention to be mean.

Health and hutch

Generally robust and healthy. The hutch should be large enough so the bunny can move freely. Solid floors are highly recommended to support the weight of these giants. They can also be housed in wire cages provided that they have resting boards. Regular offerings of clean grass or other things will make the rabbit much happier and healthier than giving it only pellets.

Other interesting facts

Giant Chinchilla kits grow very fast. They will weigh between 5-6 pounds when only 8 weeks old and 7-9 pounds at 12 weeks old.