Photo by © Sunguramy

Jersey Wooly - Breed Profile:

Origin: United States
Colors: Variety
Extra small

Appearance and coat description

The Jersey Wooly is an extra small rabbit with a compact body, small upright ears, and a bold, somewhat square-shaped head. The skull is given an even more pronunced "pug nosed" look due to the cap of fluffy wool at the top of the head. In show rabbits, the ear length should not exceed 3 inches. The eyes are bright and alert. The coat is long, with guard hair prevailing over the fluffy underwool. Because of this, the Jersey Wooly's coat is less prone to matting than the coat of its angora cousins. Although its long fur makes the bunny a bit more work than a typical short haired rabbit, the Jersey Wooly enjoys being brushed. Once a week grooming is necessary, with extra care given in shedding periods. Young rabbits may require more frequent brushing till they fully lose their baby coat, which should approximately happen at about 5 months of age. The Jersey Wooly comes in the following patterns: agouti, broken, self, shaded, tan, and AOV (any other variety).
The weight is 2,5 to 3,5 pounds.


Docile, gentle, and quite smart. The Jersey Wooly likes people, their affection and attention. It enjoys companionship, being petted and handled. Overall, the Jersey Wooly is a calm, quiet rabbit that is easy to take care of. This is nearly an ideal pet for both children and adults.

Health and hutch

This rabbit has no known breed-specific health issues. The common rabbit health problems include overgrown teeth, flystrike, mites, lice, fleas, diarrhoea and ear infections. Keep the cages free of droppings - this will make your grooming sessions much easier. Add a small tray to the cage and line it with fresh timothy hay daily to encourage your bunny to use it. Offering fresh hay will help reduce the possibility of wool block, a life-threatening clog of hair in the digestive tract.
The lifespan is 7 to 10 years and more.

Other interesting facts

The breed was developed by Bonnie Seeley of New Jersey (USA) in the 1970s. The "Jersey Wooly" is the American name of the breed. In Australia and Europe, this bunny is also known as the Dwarf Angora Rabbit.