Photo by Carl Heuer

Standard Chinchilla - Breed Profile:

Origin: France
Colors: Agouti

Appearance and coat description

The Standard Chinchilla is a medium size rabbit with a short compact body that is rounded and arched back gradually. The short upright ears should be no longer than 5 inches. The face is full. Developed from the cross of a wild grey and domestic rabbit in 1913, it derived its name from the colour of its fur resembling that of a chinchilla. The hair shafts next to the skin should be slate blue, the middle portion pearl grey, merging into white and tipped with black. The coat is fairly easy to take care of. Weekly grooming should be enough.
The weight is 5 to 7,5 pounds.


Generally calm, relaxed, and docile. Standard Chinchillas enjoy human attention and can make lovely family pets. Make sure to provide them with a sufficient amount of daily exercise so the rabbit burns off its energy and doesn't get destructive. Like most rabbits, Standard Chinchillas are pretty smart and can easily be toilet-trained.

Health and hutch

Generally healthy, with no serious breed-specific diseases.The common rabbit health problems include overgrown teeth, flystrike, mites, lice, fleas, diarrhoea and infections.
The hutch should be large enough so that rabbit can move freely. If the cage has a wire bottom, make sure you provide the rabbit with a plank or sea grass mats to stand on so that its feet are not damaged from being on the wire all the time.

Other interesting facts

The Standard Chinchilla is the result of native French farm rabbits, plus Beveren and Himalayan. The breed, originally known in America simply as a Chinchilla, was brought into the United States in 1919.

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