Photo by © blackcat478

Thrianta - Breed Profile:

Origin: Netherlands
Colors: Red-orange

Appearance and coat description

The Thrianta is a medium size rabbit known as the "Fire of the Fancy" for its brilliant reddish-orange coat. The colour must be carried well down the hairshaft to the skin. The belly colour may be slightly lighter. The underside of the tail and eye circles may be a lighter shade of red. The coat is medium length, preferably 1 inch. The hair is soft to the touch, neither harsh, silky, nor wooly. It has sufficient resistance to resume a smooth groomed appearance when stroked in any direction. Weekly grooming is necessary to keep the coat in good condition.
The body is short and compact, well-rounded and balanced throughout. The top-line should rise in a gradual curve from the shoulders to the center of the hips and then fall in a smooth curve downward to the base of the tail. The hindquarters are smooth and rounded. The shoulders should be slightly narrower than the hips. The deep loin is well-filled. The tail is carried erect. The eyes are dark brown. The head should be short and full, with well-filled cheeks, slightly more developed in bucks than in does. The neck is short. The ears are erect, rather stocky, and well-furred.
The weight is up to 6 pounds.


Thrianta rabbits tend to be super friendly regardless of their gender. They are curious, intelligent, and easily trained. They are easy to handle because of their medium size. Thriantas can manage to get on well with cats and dogs. Some individuals can bemore active than others, but all seem to enjoy being held.

Health and hutch

As the breed is relatively new, it is still genetically inconsistent, so more study has to be done as regards possible health issues.
The hutch should be large enough so that the rabbit can move freely.

Other interesting facts

The Thrianta rabbit is one of the newest breeds to be officially recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), added along with the Mini Satin on 1 February 2006.